Project: US Coast Guard - Puerto Rico

The US Coast Guard in Puerto Rico is responsible for all Coast Guard missions in the Eastern Caribbean area. This includes enforcement of laws and regulations of the United States relative to national defense, smuggling/counter narcotics operations, fisheries management, marine transportation, marine safety, maritime security, protection of natural resources, waterways management, and to carry out general Coast Guard duties in military readiness.

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Project: City of Henderson, Nevada

The City of Henderson, the second largest city in Nevada and home to 270,000 residents, is nationally recognized for accredited departments, such as fire, police, parks & winning services including the Development Services Center.

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Project: Atlanta Bureau of Prisons

Atlanta?s United States Penitentiary, is located in Benteen Park, Atlanta Georga.Construction of the prison was authorized in 1899 and the prison was completed in January 1902. It encompassed 300 acres originally to accommodate 1200 prisoners.

Today it?s population is 1909 inmates in the penitentiary and 554 in the camp. 

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Project: The Metropolitan Condominums

Metropolitan Condominiums is a friendly and diverse community, redefining the standard of modern living in downtown Kansas City.

The building has 218 units and several commercial spaces, three parking levels.  Condo owners enjoy on-site gym, pool, and other great amenities.

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Welcome to RTS Water!

When I originally considered starting a company specializing in water conservation there were many concerns and unknowns. However, I knew for certain that no matter what the future held, we would conduct our business with integrity, skill, and respect. Since 2003 RTS Water has been working with building owners and our Energy Service Company (ESCO) partners providing infrastructure improvements and solving facility issues through water conservation. We hold true to these tenets today as we focus on sound engineering based water conservation solutions and utilizing the highest quality installation methods.

Positive relationships are incredibly important in all that we do in life. We understand the value of establishing and then maintaining positive relationships from a business perspective. We continue to refine processes and procedures to ensure that we are providing the highest quality of service to our customers in order to maintain these relationships.

If you are a current RTS Water customer, we are very grateful for your continued trust in us. If you have challenges with your buildings water consuming systems, your performance contracts, and you need a trusted partner please consider RTS Water.

Kurt Minko

Troy Knight


Save Water at Home

In the Bathroom

*Install a water-saving shower head. Older heads use 5-10 gallons per minute (gpm). All new fixtures use approximately 2.5 gpm and offer equal water coverage and force.

*Many high water consumption problems stem from toilets which slowly leak water because of bad valves, improperly positioned float arms or defective overflow tubes. Place dye tablets in your toilet tank. After several minutes if you see the dye enter your toilet bowl you know you have a leak.

*Consider installing a high efficiency toilet (HET) that only uses 1.28 gallons/flush.

In the Kitchen

*Rinse dishes, vegetables and fruits in a filled basin, rather than under running water.

*Water your plants with left-over rinse water. (Plants also love fish tank water!)

*Wash only full loads in the dishwasher. Use the "light wash" setting when possible.

*Consider buying a high efficiency dishwasher that will save water and energy. Some water districts and homeowners associations give discounts for this.

*Keep a jug of chilled water in the refrigerator for drinking to avoid running the water until it gets cold.

In the Laundry

*Wash only full loads of clothing.

*Hand wash single garments.

*Consider buying a high efficiency washing machine that will save water and energy. Some water districts and homeowners associations give rebates for this.